Monday, May 9, 2016

Victory Day!



Hello everyone!

It's been another great week here in Russia! This week's email is going to be a little bit short, we don't have a whole lot of time today. It's Victory Day over here and there's all kinds of parades and celebrations going on right now, and we were able to go attend some of them this morning in our p-day clothes so we blend in and don't draw attention to ourselves, haha! It was seriously such a cool experience! I can't even begin to describe it, but hopefully these pictures will give you a bit of an idea! 

In other news, one of our investigators has a baptismal date! His name is Nikolai, and he's just a really solid guy. He's one of the former investigators that we met while we were walking around one day, and he decided to start coming to church and meeting with us again. He's going to be baptized on the 4th of June if he's ready by then, and I really think he will be! He's already been baptized into two other churches, and is a little bit timid about being baptized again without being absolutely sure that it's the true church. He told us that he wants to know, and he understands that it's only through prayer and the book of Mormon that he's going to find that answer! It's super exciting to see him progress, and just gets me so pumped to keep working! This week we ended up having 9 lessons, which is a lot for us over here! We got 6 new investigators, and most of them seem pretty interested in meeting again and finding out more! I'll fill you in more next week, but that's really all I have time to write for now! 

I'll send more next week, but just know that I love and pray for you all! 

Until next time,
-Старейшина кэмптон
(Staryeshina Kempton)

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