Monday, December 12, 2016

Зима пришла!

December 5, 2016

Привет всем!

This week has been pretty good! We've had a few meetings with our investigator Alexander, and he's doing really well! He doesn't feel like the 10th is the right date, but he still really wants to be baptized! He thanks us every meeting for taking the time to talk with him, and is continuing to grow and learn! It's really incredible to be able to see that in him, and I'm so excited for the day when he feels it's right to make that step and be baptized! He told us that he doesn't want to make the trip alone though, so this week we sent 3 copies of the book of mormon down to him so he could share them with his friends! He's going to give all of them our phone number so they can contact us when they're interested! We're excited for all of them down there, and are praying that everything will work out! 
We were able to make contact with a less-active named Nadia this week! I called her and just got to know her, and then out of nowhere she just started speaking literally perfect english, and it took me by surprise a little bit! By the end of the conversation she told me that she really wanted to serve a mission when she was younger, but for some reason decided not to. She told me about all of the consequences of that decision, and how she felt that she just wasn't happy anymore. I was able to testify to her that she could be happy again, and all it required was for her to reach out to Christ, and ask for his help. I gave her a chapter to read in the book of mormon that I felt would help her, and committed her to read it, and share what she learned with me the next time we talk! She was really grateful, and seemed like she was pretty set on reading the chapter. She works pretty much 24/7 though, so it's been hard to get back in touch with her, but we'll keep trying! 
That's all I can think of that really happened this week! It's been a bit slow, but I'm sure it'll pick up next week! I love you all, and hope you're all doing well!
До следующего раза,

Старейшина Кэмптон

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