Thursday, December 29, 2016

Освети этот мир!

December 19, 2016,

Привет всем!

This week has been pretty good! We were able to take the sacrament over to Sister Toma this Sunday for the first time in a few weeks, and it was a really spiritual experience! We had to run from the center branch all the way back over to our apartment in Selmash to get a jug of water for her. She has one small faucet in her house and water had frozen at the very bottom of it, and the handle to open and close it was frozen in place as well. I grabbed a knife and broke the ice apart in the faucet and then gave the handle a couple of good pulls and it broke free as well, so now she has water again! She was super grateful, as she always is, and showered both of us in complements. I was able to get her TV working for her again as well, and she showered some more compliments on me. 
The greatest part though was the actual ordinance of the sacrament, and the spirit that we always feel there when we're with her. She just emanates the light of Christ at all times, and you can just feel the strength and conviction behind her testimony even though she is slightly insane! We're still meeting with Alexander, and he still hasn't committed to a concrete date to be baptized, but he's still studying and sharing the gospel with his friends.
 We're still working with the Kirakosyan family, and they're all doing really well. Lina, their oldest daughter, said that she wants to invite one of her friends from school to church, so we're helping her with that! Marina, their mom, just received a new calling as Sunday School teacher for the Doctrine Principles class, and she's really embraced it! She was telling me that she needs the phone numbers of all of the recent converts and other attendees of the class so that she can get them all coming on a regular basis. I think it'll be a really great blessing for the branch to have her leading those classes every Sunday! That's pretty much all that happened this week though, things have been pretty slow here lately, but they'll pick up! 
Love you all, hope all is well!
До следующего раза,
Старейшина Кемптон

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