Monday, December 12, 2016

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November 28, 2016

Привет Всем!

This week we had a lot of cancelled appointments, but where still able to stay busy, which is really great! We had a couple of really awesome spiritual meetings this week though! On Thursday we were able to go over to the Kirakosyani household and help the kids with English! Afterwards we got the whole family together and had a spiritual thought. All of the kids were able to somehow calm down and listen for a little while as we shared a few verses with them and discussed how they could apply it in their lives. Their mom, Marina, bore the sweetest testimony about her family, and decided that she wanted to commit herself more fully to her family. The spirit was tangible as she spoke, and we all felt the spirit. Their son, Simon, raised his hand in the middle of the lesson, and asked how he could feel the Holy Ghost. We were able to help him find that answer for himself, and towards the end he recognized a time when he had felt the Spirit strongly, and told us that he was now 100 percent that it was the Holy Ghost. All around it was just a cool experience to see him coming to those realizations. 
Other than that, we were able to make it out to sister Mikhailuts again this Saturday, and had another powerful lesson with her. We decided to talk about the atonement and the plan of Salvation with her because we just felt that was what she needed. Her mother, who was living in Italy, recently passed away and it's been a really hard time for her these past couple of weeks. She shared some really incredible stories from her youth, and some powerful spiritual experiences she had that brought her to the knowledge that God exists. Elder Burwell did a great job of asking inspired questions, and we were able to help her understand a few principles a little better. Most importantly though, she felt the spirit, and is finally starting to make small steps back to activity. Although she still hasn't made it back to church, I'm confident that she'll return if we continue to meet with her and help her on that path! 
This Sunday we made another less-active run out in Aksai, but this time we brought a member with us! Sister Basileva knows pretty much everyone out there, and had a list of people she wanted to visit. None of them were home, but when we called the domaphone(I honestly have no idea what these things are called in English, but you dial an apartment number and it calls a small phone inside of the apartment so they can open the door for you to let you in) of the last member we wanted to visit, her father answered and told us she was at work. Sister Basileva wasn't ready to go home with out talking to at least one person, so we hopped on another bus and stopped by her work! We ended up finding her, and had a good conversation with her, and invited her to our Christmas activity! We'll stop by again this week if she's got time, and we'll hopefully see some progress with her as well! 
That's about it for this week though! Love you! Hope all is well!
До следующего раза,

Старейшина Кэмптон

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