Thursday, November 10, 2016

I'm out of ideas for Subject Lines!

October 24, 2016

Привет всем!

This week has been so awesome! I really have no time at all today so I'll try and fit in as much as possible as quickly as I can! 

To start with, we were blessed with the opportunity to meet with a general authority this week at our zone conference! Elder James B. Martino from the area presidency came and did a mission tour! It was a really incredible experience to have time to be taught by a general authority in such a small setting, with only a handful of other people there among us. We talked a lot about the work we're doing out here, and set some new goals for exactly how and what we will be doing in the future. We're all really excited for the goals we've set, and I am confident that we'll be seeing miracles and incredible growth in the following weeks! 

This week me and my companion have seen a lot of miracles! This saturday we made a trip out to a city called Aksai and visit as many less actives as we could. We made just about a hundred cookies, grabbed as many liahonas as we could, and hopped on a bus for about an hour or so and started knocking! Most of the people didn't answer, and a couple of them accepted the cookies but didn't let us in, but after a few hours of running around, a member finally let us in! She fed us dinner and we were able to share a thought from the most recent Liahona with her! She was so grateful for us being there and has so much to potential to return to activity! We'll hopefully be able to work with her a lot more often in the future, so I'll keep you all updated! 

Another small miracle was last night at a recent converts house. We had finished teaching a lesson to him, and as we were leaving he told us we should drop in and say hello to his sister, whose husband isn't currently a member. She was super grateful to see us and told us about how much she wanted to help her husband. We're fasting with her and her family this week that God will help us find a way to reach out to him, and we're all really excited! 

That's really all I have time for, but I love you all! Hope all's well!

до следующего раза,

-Старейшина Кэмптон

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