Thursday, November 10, 2016

Selmash Week 2

October 3, 2016


Hey there everyone! This week has seriously been so incredible! We've got so many people to work with over here in Selmash, and it's a bit overwhelming when we see how much needs to get done, but it's just super awesome that we have so many lives to bless and people to help! 
We stopped by a family earlier this week to help their daughters with English, and had a really awesome meeting with her! She shared her testimony with us about how much she appreciated the church, and everything that it does for her! It always gives me so much hope seeing the rising generation being raised by faithful parents. While the church may not be the largest over here, the saints are some of the strongest, and I am amazed almost every day by how incredible everyone is! We've also been working with an 11 year old preparing to get the priesthood, and he's way awesome as well. His mom isn't a member, but he still comes to church every week, and is always ready to help us however he can! 
There's just a really strong sense of unity between all of the members here, and we're hoping to bring a lot of them back! This week has really just been so awesome for me, and I'm not 100 percent sure why, but everything just seems to make sense right now. We've got a bunch of lessons planned for this week, and hopefully I'll have some more awesome stories to tell you all when I get on next week! 
That's pretty much it for this week though! I hope you're all doing well! I love you all!
Until next time,

Старейшина Кэмптон

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