Thursday, November 10, 2016


August 22, 2016


Hey everyone! It's been a way exciting week over here in Rostov Center! We got transfers this week, and I'll be staying here, but my companion and I are getting split up. He's headed over to another section of Rostov called Сельмаш (Selmash). There are a lot of less-active members over there that just need a little more attention so President decided to send an additional pair of missionaries there to work specifically with those members. There used to be an entire branch for that area, but it closed down awhile back. The church still owns the building though, so they'll be using it to hold branch activities for the members there! It should be way exciting! I'll continue to serve here in Center with my new companion Elder Macabee, who will be our new district leader! It should be a fun next transfer, and I'm looking forward to all kinds of fun stories!

This past week has been way awesome as well. This Thursday we flew out to Armenia to renew our visas, and it was awesome as always. I can't remember if I mentioned it last week or not, but we've been volunteering at a local animal shelter here and it's been a great experience to help these people! We made a ton of progress last time we went, and it was all worth it to see how grateful everyone there was for everything we'd done for them, even though it really didn't seem like much. 

We were also able to help out at a branch activity here this Saturday. We organized a Luau for the youth in our district, and held it out in a forest in the middle of the city! It was so fun, and everyone seemed to have a great time. That's pretty much all that happened this week though, hopefully I'll have more to send next week! Love you all, and hope you're doing well!

Until next time,
-Старейшина кэмптон

(Staryeshina Kempton)

 Boat Ride on the Don River with Elder Kempton's District.

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